The arrival of numerical control lathes has completely revolutionised the machine tool area. CNC lathes allow, in a fully automatic way, to achieve an exceptional precision in the mass production of parts and in the machining of complex parts.

The settings of the CNC lathes are guided by a software that executes the orders previously implemented by a programmer, which allows to automate the processes and avoid the mistakes made by the operators.

The adjustment of the cutting speed, rotation speed, penetration speed and depth of the pass, allows the operation of the CNC lathe to be adjusted to each specific job.

In Pinacho, we are the maximum reference worldwide in the manufacture of CNC lathes.

If you want to buy a CNC lathe, we have 3 different types.




This is our most exclusive type of CNC lathes. These are lathes with up to 4 axis that integrate the highest quality components and technology to guarantee excellence in the most complex production processes.

They incorporate up to 3 axis that provide great versatility. The CNC ST lathes are recommended for high work volumes, achieving great precision in the finishes.

The range of CNC SE lathes combines the working capacity of conventional lathes with the differential aspects of numerical control lathes. It is the ideal line of lathes for the production of short series.

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