JAP STH 500×3000

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STH 500 x 3000

Serial Number: 59018

CNC: Fanuc
Headstock main spindle bore: 130
Main Spindle nose: ASA
C and Y Axis

Location: Spain (METOSA)

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Large roughing CNC lathes with up to 4 axes

The STH series of CNC lathes marks a milestone among flatbed numerical control machines. STH are parallel lathes with up to 4 axes that have a reputation for versatility within their segment without loss of precision and quality of surface finish that have made STH a reference in the world of machine tools.

The headstock of the STH series is equipped with a 2-step gear box providing a high output in the roughing operation. In addition, the high quality and reduced run-out main spindle of the JAP machines, makes the STH the best friend of the most complex works.

STH parallel lathes have been designed with our most demanding customers in mind, using the highest quality components combined with the most innovative technology, the result of more than 70 years of experience.

Models with up to 4 CNC axes, 1050 mm turning on over bed and 5000 mm between centres.


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