JAP STS18 225×1000


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STS18 225 x 1000

Serial Number: 190072

CNC: Fagor 8055
Headstock main spindle bore: 65
Main Spindle nosel: ASA 6
Turret: Live Tool 12 positions VDI 30 with C axis
Hidraulic Kit D250MM

Location: Spain (METOSA)

901,43 €/month · 61 months

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Work speed and versatility in up to 3 axis.

The new STS CNC lathe series is versatile, fast and accurate, developed under the robust quality standards of the JAP premium technology. The new JAP beds provides increased rigidity improving the dimensional and thermal stability of the machine and reduces the level of vibration during the machining process.

The STS series has a headstock equipped with a belt-drive servomotor and a high quality and low run-out main spindle, providing a lathe with high spindle speed, reduced noise level and high quality surface finish capability. The JAP STS are lathes with up to 3 axes that provide extraordinary versatility in the world of machine tools.


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