Pinacho ST 310×3000


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ST 310 x 3000

Serial Number: 190244

CNC: Siemens 828D
Headstock main spindle bore: 105
Main Spindle nose: ASA 8

Location: Spain (METOSA)

961,66 €/month · 61 months

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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High precision flatbed CNC lathes.

The ST is Pinacho’s most sophisticated numerical control lathe, with great rigidity and working precision. Developed with components of the highest quality and manufactured under strict and demanding control standards. ST parallel lathes incorporate the most advanced technology developed from experience provided by more than 70 years of history.

Our CNC flatbed lathes are silent, easy to use machines, with a headstock composed of a servo-motor and direct transmission to the main axis, providing a high speed of rotation and an excellent quality surface finish on the component.

The Pinacho ST are lathes with up to 3 axes that provide an extraordinary versatility in the world of machine tools.


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